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We love a great romance story! Honeymoons, anniversaries or a weekend away from the kids are all special romantic occasions!
Call ahead, or order online, and we will ensure that when you arrive, you will receive a bottle of red or white wine with assorted cheeses and crackers, along with fresh flowers for your very special get-away.


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We love a great romance story! Honeymoons, anniversaries or a weekend away from the kids are all special romantic occasions!
Call ahead, or order online, and we will ensure that when you arrive, you will receive a bottle of Champagne with assorted cheeses, crackers, fresh strawberries, and flowers for your very special get-away.


Exploring the Mighty Mississippi

River excursions from Quapaw Canoe Company for a true Huck Finn style adventure!

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Guided Tours

Battle of Helena

Focusing strictly on the Battle of Helena, this tour will include information about the minutia of troop movements, commanders, battle plans, and battlefield interpretation by one of our knowledgeable Civil War guides

Starting at the new Freedom Park, you'll focus on Colonel William H. Brooks' advance on Little Rock Road as a diversion tactic towards the beginning of the battle.

From there, you'll visit the block-long replica of Fort Curtis, a Union stronghold during the occupation. Nearby, the Moore-Hornor home still has three original bullet holes from the battle.

Battery C is the perfect vantage point to interpret most of the battle—not to mention its sweeping views of Helena and the Mississippi River. From above the city, you'll get a full picture of the Union and Confederate strategies and movements.

At the Helena Museum of Phillips County, features an impressive exhibit of Civil War artifacts and an intricately detailed diorama of the battle. This building is also the oldest public building in the state of Arkansas. 

At your last stop, the Delta Cultural Center's Visitor Center, you'll be able to rest, view the Civil War & Delta Blues exhibits, and shop for souvenirs.




$87.50 per person

2 person minimum

Strolling the Mississippi

A three-mile walking tour through Helena is the perfect way to spend an afternoon learning about the Delta!

As you stroll along the river you will hear the history of Hernando De Soto, the first white man to arrive into Helena in 1541. Your journey will then take you into St. John’s Episcopal Church, built in 1853, to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Tiffany window as well as the other stunning stained glass windows.

Your guide will tell you stories about the other structures and their era as you make your way to the beautiful Cunningham Garden adjacent to the Major Tappan House, a visible reminder of the Gilded Age in eastern Arkansas. You will enjoy the displays of flora of the area.

Next you will have a refreshment and rest stop at the Pillow Thompson House, which is one of the finest examples of Queen Anne architecture in the South. You will hear stories about the eccentric Lady of the House and her “little dogs."

Fort Curtis, replica of the Union Fort, is one of our most recently developed attractions. Adjacent is the Moore Hornor House, used as the Union headquarters during the war, where you can view bullet holes from the Battle of Helena.

The walk back to Historic Downtown Helena will take you to the oldest public building in the county, the Helena Museum of Phillips County, which offers a prestigious collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the Civil War.


$75.00 per person

2 person minimum

All tours subject to minor change

Historic Cemeteries

With its rich Civil War history, it's no wonder there are "haunted" places in and around Helena. Paranormal investigators visit these historic cemeteries often.

This tour focuses on Maple Hill Cemetery. An historic cemetery where the remains of civil war casualties from the Battle of Helena rest.

A short jaunt up the hill, and then around the bend, you will find a small hidden gravesite. The site is the grave of a doctor and his dog.

The legend says that the dog witnessed the murder of his master, and after the interment of his body, refused to leave his owner's side. The dog perished from longing for his master. The dog was buried beside his best friend and a large statue marks the sight.

Some say you can hear the dog pant if you listen very closely.

In addition to Maple Hill, you will have the privilege to visit Magnolia Cemetery. This African American Cemetery was established before the Civil War. One of the first black Legislators of Arkansas, W. H. Grey, successful businessman Abraham Miller and his wife, well-known philanthropist, Eliza A. Miller, members of pioneering black families, and Civil War veterans are buried here. New interpretive panels were recently installed, sharing this rich history.




$62.50 per person

2 person minimum

Fall Season Only